Birth Day“Having you was the best and most important decision I made with regards to my birth. Everything else flowed from that. My first birth was pretty powerless, overwhelming and although ultimately joyous, a negative experience. You changed all that. You gave me the information and help I needed pre-labour in order to assert myself confidently to ensure I got the homebirth I wanted despite being 12 days overdue; you helped me immeasurably during labour itself to go into myself and let my body do what it needed, you gave me what I needed straight after, making me feel cared for throughout. I couldn’t have asked for more. Quite simply you were there for us every step of the way.”
V & M

O“She completely put my mind at ease. She listened to what I had to say; my fears, my expectations, questions that I would have felt silly asking anyone else and she took everything I said on board. Rachel was the one who kept me calm and focused throughout. She was there for every contraction, holding my hand, rubbing my back, keeping my husband and I positive throughout the whole experience…I could see that the work she does is not just a job for her, it is something she loves to do and something she is so passionate about. I cannot find enough words for what Rachel did for me and my family. If you ever have the choice to have Rachel act as your doula you too will be very blessed!” K & STESTIMONIALS

“Rachel was amazing support for my husband and me before, during and after the birth of our daughter. I just imagined her providing us support during labor with a few sessions beforehand to prepare us for the birth; however what we got was far much more. She was involved throughout our journey and getting her onboard was the best thing we did! The lead up to the birth unfolded with some complications, Rachel was always on hand to help us understand what was unraveling and our options ­without ever pushing her ‘opinion’. She helped us stay positive, relaxed and informed. During the birth she continued to offer us this support, reassurance and encouragement, helping us feel strong and confident. She was an excellent conduit between the medical staff and us without ever making them feel uneasy or threatened. Post birth she provided invaluable breastfeeding support and was a friendly and helpful ear over the phone at all times. Rachel, thank you for being kind and caring, sensitive to our needs and such an excellent source information during this very special time in our lives – we are forever grateful for all your support and guidance.” S & M

baby“Rachel helped me feel more prepared and less nervous. She has been a continued source of reassurance, advice and encouragement. Rachel is an extremely conscientious and caring doula and I felt very well supported. She was always available at the end of the phone.”

baby“I had constant reassurance, knowing Rachel was there for me. She helped by simply giving me the confidence by saying I could do it and telling me I was doing really well, whilst being so calm and confident herself. Having a doula was an amazing experience and I believe it made the difference between having medical interventions or not. I do not think I would have had a natural labour without a doula.”
S & Tphoto
“Fearful of the uncertainties of the childbirth experience, Rachel was incredibly knowledgeable and her gentle and calm demeanour immediately put us at ease. We didn’t want anyone else as our Doula. Throughout the latter stages of my pregnancy and a very long, slow labour she was on hand any time of day or night to answer the silly and not so silly questions, advise on progress and gave us the confidence when the time came that we could have a very positive birth experience.” K & G
“It is difficult to explain in words how much support Rachel gave me during labour and birth. She knew exactly how I wanted to birth and helped me achieve this. She comforted me and made me feel very special. I felt that I had achieved something remarkable. We experienced a lot of difficulties with breastfeeding. Rachel’s support and guidance helped us greatly.”
N & K
TESTIMONIALJ“I have just downloaded the photos you took and have seen them for the first time. Literally made me cry!! I am very thankful that you took all those lovely photos, including M’s feet – WOW! I didn’t realise at the time that you took so many beautiful shots – very, very special to have. You are a darling lady and an absolute strength of support for me in the lead up and during the birth. THANK YOU doesn’t do it justice.” J & D

Picture of baby sleeping on white blanket

“The reassurance Rachel provided during labour gave me great confidence to continue, without pain relief or other need for help. Rachel’s support post-natally was exceptional. She was at the end of the phone, or email round the clock! I cannot thank Rachel enough for her kindness and support at such an amazing time.”
C & E

“Rachel’s calm and respectful presence filled us with confidence. She knew when I needed privacy, a relaxing massage or just to hold my hand. I felt totally supported, which led to the most empowering birth experience. I feel full of energy and positive this time. We are both so very grateful for her being there.”
F & B
Picture of mum holding a new baby in birthing pool“I cannot express the gratitude that I will always carry in my heart and life for the help that Rachel gave us. My husband is amazed at the different type of birth we had. It’s so lovely!
C & W
Words really cannot express my gratitude. I feel lucky and privileged to have met you and got to know you over the past few weeks.”
A & B
picture of sleeping baby“Rachel provided me with information and answered questions – it was reassuring knowing she was there. She helped relay to the midwives what I wanted, with the initial breastfeed and then with concerns and breastfeeding in the post-natal period. Rachel was exactly what I was hoping for when I was looking into having a doula to attend the birth. I got everything I expected, she helped me to maintain a positive state of mind to prepare for labour. Thank you for being there to support and welcome ‘S’ into the world!”
Photo of sleeping baby“It was my husband’s idea to hire a doula and I was initially quite sceptical, but I am so, so pleased we did. I cannot imagine going through labour without Rachel there. Her support pre and post labour was just as important and made a fundamental difference, in an entirely positive way, to the whole experience.  I had to make some difficult decisions during labour and Rachel was a fantastic sounding board. She never judged me and was unconditional and continuous in her support of me. She gave me the confidence to face the situation in a way I would never have been able to do without her there. I am so grateful for her support, care and compassion.”
A & A
Photo of newborn baby held by mother in birth pool“I love the fact that I had someone who speaks ‘my language’ supporting me. If I had any queries Rachel was always available to answer. [During labour] she was on hand for anything I needed and also anticipated my needs. I would definitely recommend Rachel as a doula. I wish you all the best with your work. You’re doing a wonderful job, which makes a difference to future generations!”
B & P

“No words can describe how happy I am to have met Rachel. Having had a very traumatic first birth, I spent most of the pregnancy concerned about having another difficult experience. Rachel’s caring and positive attitude really helped me to overcome all the fear and by the time I went into labour I felt very confident and relaxed. Rachel is very knowledgeable and passionate about her role as a doula…I ended up having the beautiful water birth I wished for.

photo of mum holding new baby in birth poolShe also helped me overcome all the challenges I had with breastfeeding, which I hadn’t been able to do with my daughter. With her help I was able to breastfeed in a very relaxed manner and the baby ‘learnt’ how to latch beautifully, this was very important to me.

Rachel continued to be available at all times to help me with breastfeeding and any other questions I had. Even now, 6 weeks later, I know she is only a phone call away and always keen to help.

Thank you Rachel for all the help you have given me (information, support, reassurance etc)…you’ll always come to my mind as someone who had a very positive impact and made a big difference in the beautiful experience that I had.”
A & W

Photo of doula Rachel holding a baby“[Rachel] spent time getting to know us and what we were hoping for. She answered a lot of questions around birthing, hospitals and breastfeeding. During labour she also supported my husband and after the birth was very helpful with breastfeeding and practical support. My husband and I benefited from her years of experience and I felt confident she could converse with the medical team whilst I was in the throes of labour, if that had to happen. Thank you so much for your help – I felt very supported, informed and empowered.”T & R
“Using a birth doula helped me keep mentally relaxed…I was calmer about the birth knowing we would have dedicated support. During the labour it was a great help and comfort to have someone support me and my husband as the midwives were so busy; it lessened the stress. Rachel’s calm personality was a big help – and it meant that the doctors/midwives didn’t view her as a ‘threat’.”
K & S
Birth Day“She was everything I needed – an experienced mother who could be my support at all points during the pregnancy, birth and post-natal periods. She understood my birth choices and showed us options, but always left the final decision to us. When I think about the day of the birth, I think about the word ‘magic’. Magically, towels appeared below me, my clothes were removed at the right time, a hand mirror was available during the birth and the house was cleaned. And my doula created this magic for us!! She maintained a continuity of relationship with us; to me that was important. It didn’t feel like a medical ‘transaction’; she still stays in touch. Some of the best money we have ever spent!”
S & P