Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) advocates pregnancy as a time when you can make significant changes to your health. You may now focus more on what goes inside your body, your health and general wellness. Universally, women are respected and cherished when expecting a baby. However, after the birth new mums are thrown into a lifestyle that may feel alien in the beginning. Recovering physically, sleeping less, blood loss and hormonal changes can all take their toll on an otherwise healthy woman, let alone someone with additional needs. Increasing rates of surgical and instrumental births also mean mothers’ bodies are taking longer to heal.

Across the world new mothers are nurtured following the birth of a baby. In many traditional societies a new mother has help from family, tribe members or neighbours. There is no pressure to cook, maintain a home, phone the office or deal with demands from others. Some cultures have a specific time period in which a woman who has given birth must rest.


placenta drawing

In contrast, our western culture has become extremely fast-paced and technology-driven. We may have fragmented families, work and financial commitments which can feel like a heavy load when your body is telling you to rest. These days we are bombarded with people’s opinions about every aspect of parenting and the special time following birth can be invaded by peer pressure, documentation requirements and unrealistic self-expectation.


Throughout history the placenta has been regarded as a ‘miracle’ organ. Cultures across the globe have passed on ancient wisdom involving how the placenta should be treated. Placentas are buried, eaten, dried, used for medicinal purposes, burned for the collection of ashes, salted and blessed. The placenta is a concentrated source of nutrients, hormones and molecules which stimulate healing, tissue and cell repair. Nowadays, more women are discovering how effective consuming this amazing organ can be in terms of long- and short-term health benefits, including:

  • Replenishing depleted iron, vitamin and other mineral stores
  • Enhancing your milk supply
  • Reducing bleeding post-birth
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Reducing the risk of post-natal depression
  • Maintaining a good hormonal balance and reducing stress levels
  • Providing natural pain-relieving properties

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I am a trained and certified IPEN (Independent Placenta Encapsulation Network) Placenta Specialist. I adhere to strict codes of practice, safety and hygiene procedures and have certificates in Food Hygiene & Safety for Manufacturing and Bloodborne Pathogens.

I started providing placenta remedies purely after witnessing first-hand the amazing benefits they provided in terms of breastfeeding and wellbeing. Whilst working with new mums, it awakened my curiosity in the placenta and its healing properties. This spurred me to be more proactive in providing the women I support the opportunity to enjoy a positive experience after birth.

Here’s a little feedback:

“I was in two minds about having my placenta encapsulated during my pregnancy. However I went into labour early and had a preterm baby. I wanted to get my milk supply up and flowing as quickly as possible and I knew I was going to go through a bit of emotional, as well as physical stress. I knew through my earlier research that one of the best things I could do for me and my very tiny baby was to have my placenta encapsulated. Having a preterm baby and being in the intensive care unit with your little baby in a glass case is not nice. I felt the placental encapsulation helped me in so many ways in this stressful situation. My colostrum started on the day I started taking the capsules, I had real milk a day later. I did not have any major problems with breast engorgement. My physical recovery was quick and a tear in delivery was healed 5 days after birth. I felt I had energy and was able to deal well with my precious baby being in the NICU. I did get the baby blues on the third day with my first baby, but not even a weepy moment with this baby. I would recommend this to anyone who asks, and have recommended it to a few that haven’t!” G

”The placenta encapsulation has been invaluable. I believe it has helped me enormously with balancing my hormones, giving me energy and helping with milk supply. I actually felt a rush of energy when I took them each morning in the first few weeks after the birth. I have had no problems with breastfeeding or milk supply and my little bub is so healthy and chubby now. I had a traumatic birth and felt that the tablets really helped bring positivity to me in the first few weeks. It also means a lot to have the placenta print as my husband and I did not see the placenta or get to cut the cord as we had wanted him to. Rachel was really great and accommodating, I booked her only a few days before the birth not giving her much time and she dealt with procedural problems at the hospital really well and took extra care to get the tablets to me as soon as possible. I think the goodness in the placenta is really powerful and I am so pleased I did it.” A

“Two and a half weeks ago I spoke to my doctor about how my anxiety symptoms had returned and that I was generally feeling really flat. He recommended that I increased the dose of anti-depressant medication but said it was up to me. After I left the appointment I thought about it for a while and decided to wait a few weeks before I increased the dose. I knew I had to do something, so I began taking a twice daily dose of the placenta tincture that you made. After a week I noticed I felt much better and much less anxious. After I fortnight I felt even better. I had a follow up appointment the other day and explained to my doctor that I was feeling lots better and that I hadn’t increased medication rather had started placenta tincture twice daily. He was really impressed by the results as he could also tell that I was more upbeat. So, thank YOU Rachel. I’m so glad you made this tincture as it has helped me so much.” K

“Rachel – The Birth Lady was professional and efficient from the time that I contacted her. I had my capsules in less than 24 hours after she had access to my placenta which I think made a huge difference to my well-being on many levels. I would use the services of The Birth Lady again and encourage any expectant mum to also consider placenta encapsulation.” B

“Rachel is very caring, understanding, prompt and comforting. I contacted Rachel at 40 weeks of my pregnancy, she gave great encouragement, reassuring information and answered all my questions in detail which gave me confidence and comfort. She even picked up, delivered and nicely wrapped the placenta package. I am very grateful to meet an angel like her.” M

“Everyone should have their placenta encapsulated. We are so quick to reach for the pharmacy shelf vitamins and minerals when we have the purest form of goodness available to us through our placenta, which has been a life source for our baby for the past 9 months. I am confident taking my placenta pills has assisted me to adjust to motherhood. I have bounds of energy, was fortunate not to suffer the ‘baby blues’ and my breast milk came in quickly and has been plentiful. My breast milk came in on day 3 and at 4 days old, at the time of discharge, my baby’s weight was only down by less than 1%. I was a little worried about what my friends would think, but we are all looking for ways to get back to basics these days and the results spoke for themselves. Rachel was professional, friendly, knowledgeable and she delivered the capsules surprisingly quickly. I highly recommend Rachel and the service she provides.” J

I want to thank Rachel for her contribution to my experience. She is an absolute delight to deal with. Rachel hand delivered the pills to me within 24 hours of giving birth to my son. The pills came in a delightful little bag and felt like a gift. I found Rachel to be sensitive, warm and very efficient, simply taking care of things during this very beautiful but distracting time. Thank you Rachel! I would like to share my reasons for choosing placenta encapsulation. After experiencing prenatal depression with my first pregnancy, I was worried that my depression may not leave me and would follow me into motherhood. As such I was keen to do whatever it took to prevent this from happening. I had sought help with my depression during pregnancy and given how quickly it had come on after I fell pregnant, I was relatively confident that my depression was hormonal. Given this, I wanted to do something for my body (and mind) on a hormonal and nutritional level to try and combat any post-partum depression. While it’s true that this is my first pregnancy and I have nothing to compare it to, I am happy to report that after giving birth I really felt like ‘me’ again and I had no dip in mood whatsoever. Whether this would have happened anyway or whether it was because of the capsules I cannot know, but I will be sure to have my placenta encapsulated again if I am blessed enough to have a second baby.” S

Please contact me and I will answer any questions, provide you with a price list and all the necessary details and relevant information you may require. I offer the following remedies to cater for your individual needs:

Placenta package

Placenta capsules, placenta essence and placenta tincture prepared to suit all your needs post-birth and later during the menopause, times of hormonal imbalance and illness. Placenta essence is also suitable for babies and children.

Placenta encapsulation
An easy, effective method of getting all the benefits your placenta has to offer, in tasteless vegetarian capsules. Your placenta will be prepared raw and dried, or steamed according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Placenta essence
Taken in water a few drops at a time, this essence is a perfect immune-boosting remedy for both you and baby. It is useful during illness, when encountering stress or hormonal/emotional issues and will last indefinitely.

Placenta tinctureplacenta drawing
This powerful mother’s remedy can last you a lifetime. With calming and healing properties, it is also highly recommended for PMS and later during the menopause.

Placenta smoothie
For immediate effect, a smoothie can provide an instant pick-me-up, particularly after a long labour or significant blood loss. Blended in your home with fresh fruit ready for drinking, it will only taste of berries!

Placenta print/umbilical cord keepsake
Gifts that will last forever; perfect for remembering your pregnancy and unique bond with your baby.

Placenta cream
Fabulous for scarring (including after caesarean section), stretch marks, inflammation, eczema, nappy rash and even wrinkles!