Over 50?

Try a new, fun way of feeling fit and fabulous!

A fun, feel-good, uplifting bellydance class for those seeking a new way to look after their health and well-being. Come and indulge in a beautiful class experience for mind, body and soul!

Individually themed classes to encourage flexibility, mindfulness and joint mobility. Gentle, safe movement, this class loves every body and will help restore balance, re-energise and prevent injury.

No experience required. Join a friendly group of like-minded women and our wonderful supportive community.

wise-women“I look forward to our Wise Woman Wellness class every week. Rachel provides a supportive environment and a fun way to improve fitness. I love the variety of bellydance elements that we cover and the fact that Rachel adapts the classes to suit our needs. I also love that we don’t spend all term trying to remember a complex choreography, something my menopausal brain struggles with!” SR

“In Rachel’s class you get to connect with the moves of the dance. You feel them and your body gets familiar and stronger with the dance expressions she explores.” D

“I love bellydancing because it challenges my brain, which I think is essential at my age, as well as wanting to remain as flexible as possible.”  SE

For more info and booking please contact Rachel