As a doula . . .

My role will be to provide you with physical, emotional, practical and informational support. I will provide continuous comfort, compassion, reassurance and encouragement. I am independent and will always work with your best interests at heart; therefore my care will be based upon your individual needs and desires.

In preparation for your labour and birth, I will ensure you feel confident and informed regarding your rights and choices. T & C 5We can discuss your options and look at protocols and procedures within the maternity services so that you can aim for the type of birth that is right for you.

During labour I can assist you with breathing, relaxation, movement and positioning. I can encourage and offer advice to birth partners who wish to participate at their own pace, but will give you the space and support for you and your partner to labour in the way that you choose.

I also support HypnoBirthing couples, offer massage, homeopathy and acupressure during labour and am always on hand to take photos and videos of your beautiful new arrival! I can safeguard your privacy to ensure you have time for cuddles and my goal is that you are left feeling confident, respected and empowered.

“When we feel nurtured and protected pain has a different quality from when we feel vulnerable…There is a strong association between women having positive birth experiences and feeling they are in control.”
Sheila Kitzinger

I offer a free telephone consultation for any of my services:

First-time Mum Birth Package

  • An initial meeting to discuss your expectations, thoughts and experiences, along with any questions you may have
  • Four further ante-natal sessions focusing on your specific needs, hopes and anxieties; full birth preparation; creating your unique birth preferences; feeding and after birth care
  • The Birth Lady birth pack
  • The Birth Lady lending library
  • 24/7 call-out period (before & after your due date) for your peace of mind. Should your baby arrive before/after this time, I will do my utmost to be with you
  • Unlimited contact via email and telephone throughout your pregnancy
  • My full, undivided support and attention throughout your labour and birth
  • Post-birth I will stay with you to ensure you are comfortable and have everything you require. I can help you initiate breastfeeding/skin-to-skin contact, remaining with you for as long as you need me
  • Unlimited contact via email and telephone during the post-natal period to support you with any newborn/parenting issues
  • Two post-natal visits to provide any further support or assistance you may need, discuss and debrief your birth and to see your precious newborn!
  • 24/7 breastfeeding support for as long as you may require

Standard Birth Package

Ideal for second and subsequent babies; I include 2 antenatal sessions and 1 post-natal visit in your care plan. You will benefit from all of the services and support available in the first-time mum package, including The Birth Lady birth pack, lending library and continued breastfeeding support.

Birth Package for Mums with Little Ones

Being a busy mum myself, I understand that time is not always open-ended. I am happy to reduce my birth package to a single visit before and after the birth, with unlimited time to chat on the telephone when your little one(s) are sleeping or otherwise occupied! For experienced breastfeeders or those feeding a tT & C 1oddler, we can focus on the aspects of your care that are most important to you for your next birthing experience.

Labour & Birth Support

For experienced mums or those wishing to have my full, unconditional support throughout their entire labour, without committing to any prior/further meetings. I provide a 24/7 call-out period according to your needs and circumstances and will be available to contact via email or telephone for any questions you may have surrounding the birth.

Birth support photography with gratitude to:

Birth Dancing Classes

Please see separate pages for details.

Mother Blessings/Baby Showers

Please see separate pages for details.

1:1 Birth Preparation

Private birth preparation, designed for you and your needs. These sessions allow you more flexibility as they can be booked to suit your commitments. They will give you an opportunity to focus on your thoughts, feelings or concerns and provide a safe environment for you to speak openly and be listened to without judgement. I will also be available for you to contact me via email or telephone up until the birth of your baby.

Birth Preferences Consultation

For expectant mums who just wish to talk through their options and have a helping hand in creating a birth preferences list or birth ‘plan’ to take with them for the birth of their baby. I will also be available for you to contact me via email or telephone up until the birth of your baby.

1:1 Newborn Preparation

Private session(s) focusing on the post-natal period, in the comfort of your home. A perfect opportunity to ask about any aspect of looking after a baby, tailored around your needs and the way you wish to raise your child, whether that be preparing to return to work, attachment parenting or general tips and support for first time mums. I follow this up with full support via email and telephone for as long as you feel you need me.

Birth Debriefing

Sometimes birth is not always perfect. Sometimes there is hurt within, rather than a physical pain. I have supported women who have suffered birth trauma for a variety of reasons from unwanted intervention to previous violation. I can offer an independent ear, signposting where relevant and most importantly a warm heart to those who would benefit from talking about their experiences in order to move forward. 1:1/couple session(s) and/or telephone support.

Breastfeeding Support

My commitment to you is detailed on my ‘Feeding and Nurture’ pages. Often taken as part of the birth package, I am equally happy to discuss supporting you to breastfeed regardless of whether you have hired me beforehand.

T & C 2Fees

Please contact me for information regarding my current fees and availability.

Fees are discussed on an individual basis, depending on your circumstances and requirements. I appreciate and welcome the fact that every woman has different needs…I’m more than happy to take into account your personal budget and work with you to provide bespoke support whatever your wishes or to provide gift vouchers.