Marking the journey of a new mama is a special occasion. Friends and family can support, share, strengthen, nurture L MBand encourage this remarkable transition into motherhood, empowering the blossoming woman to embrace birth and the journey that lies thereafter.

A mother blessing (or blessingway) stems from a Native American tradition, which holds the mother at the centre of the ceremony, celebrating the rite of passage into motherhood. A baby shower is a more westernised version of this, often focusing on the upcoming arrival of the baby and marking the end of the pregnancy with gifts and well-wishes for the long-awaited arrival.

These ceremonies and gatherings are traditionally a women’s affair. In our culture today, it is particularly important for expectant mums to feel support and love from those close to her, as many families no longer live together or close enough to provide hands-on help in the post-natal period.

Mother Blessing WorkshopA mother blessing is an ideal way of telling someone they are special…

There are many beautiful ways in which to honour a woman during pregnancy. Typically, a circle of women may gather to share stories, a meal and laughter. Games are often played and the expectant lady may be massaged, pampered or decorated with henna and/or flowers.


A perfect way to celebrate is through dance. Bellydancing, in particular, is a celebratory form of feminine bonding, a dance shared with women by women. It is joyful, uplifting, empowering and free-flowing. It embraces the female form in all its many shapes and sizes and encourages body confidence, a loosening of the hips and pelvis (perfect for pre-birth) and opening of the heart.

Bellydancing and ‘Birth Dancing’

Mundo Perdido

As a bellydancer, I am available to dance for you, in the location you choose to hold your blessingway/baby shower. I will give you various options to suit your specific wishes, providing you with a warm, engaging and memorable form of entertainment.


“Our Doula Deliciosa weaving her goddess magic at Mundo Perdido as part of a memorable blessingway for S. Much gratitude and love for the beautiful presence you have brought into our lives.” Bruce


As a Birth Dancing teacher, I will then teach a group workshop suitable for all guests, young or old and we will have a friendly, lively and interactive session, introducing basic bellydance movements. For the pregnant mama and any other pregnant Mother Blessing Workshop 2women, I will teach specific movements in the form of Birth Dancing which can useful be for labour, birth and post-natal healing.


As a doula, I can also be on hand to share anything ‘birth and baby’, I can assist with henna decoration, massage and the leading of blessings or ceremonies to bring the group together for this memorable day.


“Rachel exudes feminine confidence and warm sensuality. I was blessed to witness not only her cheeky performance but also her inclusive teaching style at a Mother Blessing I recently attended. As a lover of all dance and particularly Middle Eastern dance, I recommend with confidence Rachel as a teacher and performer for anyone looking to secure a lively and professional dancer for their events. If you are fortunate to live in her local area, get yourself along to one of Rachel’s classes and you’ll be glad you did! So much fun! Thank you Rachel!” Melissa


“I wanted to thank you to the moon and back for the amazing dancing and blessingway. I felt so blissed and blessed (and still do). Most of all I feel more grounded and closer to the ladies who came. Thank you so much for leading it and validating it with such grace. I loved the dancing…It was exactly what I wanted to honour this baby and my journey into motherhood. Please keep doing what you do; it is so sacred and beautiful.” Tamara

Workshop with Pregnant Mama


“Rachel, thank you so much for making my sister’s baby shower so special, your performance was beautiful to watch. The Birth Dancing workshop was fantastic, so much fun and I liked that it was really interactive and informative. We look forward to seeing you again at one of your pregnancy dance classes before baby arrives!” Vanessa


Please contact me for more information, details of other bellydancing packages for your celebratory events, prices and availability.

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