Breastfeeding is debated and discussed throughout the world, particularly so in industrialised countries. Universally, research proves human milk’s unique and amazing qualities for the human baby.

Picture of baby feedingI believe strongly in the benefits of breastfeeding for both mum and baby. There is no comparison to breastmilk and feeding a baby is a natural way of life – this is why women’s bodies are designed the way they are!  Any breastfeeding you can do is beneficial . . .

Feeding time can be a magical experience when you take time out to be with your baby and establish that unconditional bond of love. It is completely heart-melting when they gaze into your eyes! There is evidence to show that you cannot spoil a newborn baby; as much skin-to-skin contact as possible, quiet time, cuddles and attention are instinctive and provide both a new mum and her baby with the first special memories together, along the huge journey that life brings us all.

My breastfeeding support is just that…

  • An unconditional, non-judgemental listening ear around the clock: via telephone (24/7) and email
  • I can provide additional home visits on a request basis
  • I am able to signpost to medical professionals/lactation consultants where relevant

My aim is to empower you to make choices when and where you feel they are right for you. Should you wish to exclusively breastfeed your baby, I will be a constant source of encouragement and information, to provide you with the ability to do so. Women stop breastfeeding for many reasons, unfortunately often before they really wishPicture of baby feeding to. Breastfeeding is a learning process between a mum and her new baby and it can take perseverance to get to the stage where it all ‘falls into place’.

My support is ongoing and unlimited, for as long as you feel it necessary.

Giving birth to a new life is a marathon. It is normal to feel tired and anxious and it is imperative that you feel supported, encouraged and confident however you choose to feed your baby. Happy mums make happy babies and all women need the freedom to nurture their newborns…

“Breastfeeding is not only a method of getting milk into a baby. It is a way of loving.” Sheila Kitzinger