My name is Rachel; I live in Perth, Western Australia and am mama to a daughter and two sons who constantly reward me with many laughs and copious amounts of inspiration.

I am an experienced, qualified doula, who has had the privilege of attending many different births, working with women from all walks of life, listening to and studying with a wealth of authors, obstetricians, paediatricians, lactation consultants and midwives whose wise words have been invaluable for the work I do.

My own birth experiences were a true gift and conveyor of wisdom. Having given birth prematurely in hospital and confidently at home, I can fully appreciate and empathise with a labouring woman’s needs and desires.

You could say my life revolves around this passion of mine – to provide independent and unbiased information, guidance and love, therefore bringing an understanding about birth, whilst supporting women’s individual choices and rights. Perhaps most importantly, I do my job because I love it. I am deeply committed to giving unconditional support to each and every family I work with. My work as a doula and teacher comes foremost from the heart and I will pour my dedication into your lives to enable you to feel nurtured along your special journey.

I would like to think that my open-mindedness allows me to reach any woman in need of my support and to feel at ease in my presence. My manner is warm, compassionate and gentle…I am patient, honest and able to adapt, accept and remain calm, without being judgemental or dismissive.

I am honoured to support women from pre-conception onwards, no matter how or where you wish to birth. I will be available around the clock to compliment our work together, be that a single antenatal appointment, a journey through Birth Dancing, birth or post-natal support.

I work uniquely with your ideas and support network, be that home or water birth, HypnoBirthing, VBAC, caesarean or high-risk birth. I am more than happy working with people whose first language is not English and can communicate in French and Spanish.

Birth is an intimate, priceless moment to treasure forever; I wish you the birth and care that you want and deserve. Being a doula provides me with enormous fulfilment and I count each and every birth as a privilege.

I hope that my dedication is reflected in the level of care and attention I provide you before, during and after your birth.